Rogue Elephant

Rogue Elephant formed in late 2003 and had their first show together January 22, 2004. During the winter and spring of 2004, they ran a monthly show at a space in Brooklyn, and bribed people with free admission and free beer to attend. In August of that year, they began running shows at Under St. Mark's featuring the new group Robin Williams, which would later become Reuben Williams. The semi-monthly shows featured newer indie groups, stand-up comedians, and sometimes a sketch or two. Though Reuben Williams eventually left the show to become a UCB weekend team, Rogue Elephant has remained at Under St. Mark's, hosting dozens of other independent groups and setting an indie-show model that many other teams have emulated with great success. Rogue Elephant has also mounted two sketch shows: "Anarchy Club" and "Now That's What I Call Rogue Elephant." They have performed their improv show at UCB, the IO Theater in Chicago and at several schools around the country.